A Small Note …

I spill my virtual ink on virtual paper with my non-existent thoughts for some non-existent love, in hope that someone out there will grow to love the parts I have not yet learned to love myself. 

A reader, writer and hopeless romantic. This blog contains poetry, scattered thoughts and memoirs of a teenage girl whom writes a little about herself, a little about others, and a whole lot about what goes on in her head. ✒️

Lost in the wispy winds of grievances or merely a passing visitor? We welcome everyone here, because somewhere out in the world is a somebody who feels exactly what you feel.

So hang on tight darling — and don’t you dare let go.

NOTE : You may want to grab a blanket or two and snuggle in with a warm cup of cocoa. ☕️

Hugs and Kisses,
[ Posts uploaded every week or so ]

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