Newton’s Law of Motion

I was a physics person, and I never understood the workings of love. How do you define falling in love? Why fall in love and not fly in love? How do you know when you are in love? No, these things weren’t for me I decided. But then, you came along and suddenly I understood one out of the many musings I had: Newton’s law of motion, where all things continue in motion till a force stops or changes it.

Perhaps this was us, the whole “I’ll never fall in love” part an intricate lie. You gave me wings and made me fly then tripped me so I crashed hard into the earth. But it didn’t stop there for me, it continued to crash and burn intensely and there seemed to be no end to this fall. I finally understood the reason why there is no end, because nothing is stopping me from falling. I fell before, I’ll continue to fall now, and I’ll continue to fall even then.

– a.h.


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