|| Adjective || We aren't strangers and we aren't friends, nor are we lovers. We can be nothing, and everything however you want it to be. Why must we define what we are? I like spending time with you, more than I should be. Isn't that enough reason to make you stay? - a.h.


Alt. Delete.

Why is there no delete button in life? I wish there was one, but not because I wish to delete you from my life. It's to delete the feelings we have for each other so that we can become friends again, and fall irrevocably in love all over again. - a.h.


|| Noun || The problem with words is that we tend to misuse or abuse them. Instead of using them to convey our thoughts and feelings, we use them to hide instead, to exaggerate events, make people fall in love with false impressions and to injure. Is that why sometimes to prevent being misunderstood, we… Continue reading Words


|| Noun || We steal cups of coffee Then sit in empty bars Walk around in baggy pajamas Down Fifth Avenue park They call us mismatched hearts And a pair of mismatched souls But are we all that mismatched If we make each other feel whole? - a.h.