The Final Stage

I. The Old Man      Grey, looming clouds are gathering in the sky and visiting hours are coming to an end. In the hospital park sits an old man alone with a book perch between his bony thighs. There are joggers, elderly couples and little kids running around. As if he has blended in… Continue reading The Final Stage


Different Destinies

I am stitched with good intentions believe me so When I tell you to look the other way and run like I'm your foe If your feelings are as genuine as what you show It's about time dear, that you let me go. - a.h. ________________________________________________________ I'm sorry I'm not your final stop.


|| Noun || The funny thing is how relationships work: people on the outside want in, and people on the inside want out. We don't realise how miraculous it is to find something so precious in times made to break, and so we forget to cherish. - a.h. 

Hard Truths

What I've learned is that more often than so it is parents that cut your wings. It's good that they want the best for you, but it's even better that you know what's the best for yourself. Sometimes even the people who gave you your wings cannot bear to see you fly. - a.h.