|| Adjective ||

” Look how the lights dance and fuse together. Don’t they look like magic? ” 

You have become the center of my gravity and I have become the surfaces of the objects your fingertips have touched and left. My world is turned upside down because my centre of gravity is gone, and now I’m stranded on dangerously high levels of intoxication. It’s getting hard to differentiate between faces. Everywhere I look, I get glances of the combustion of brightly lit stars. It’s a miracle my eyes have not yet turned blind from the sight. A lovely process to burn so brightly you turn into nothingness, isn’t it? Yet no matter how hard I try to replicate it, nothing ever comes close to being as magical as when you saw the lights with me.

” It looks like magic, but only because you are here beside me. “

– a.h.


” From a city so bright to a strange little town; on a carousel spinning, around and around. The dizzying height, of the stars from the ground. The world all alight — with his sights, his sounds. ” – Circus Town, Lang Leav


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