The Different Stages of How I Felt

I. On the edge of Grand Canyon : I felt like I could cheat myself into thinking I could fly, if not for the pair of arms encircled around my waist. I remember thinking if I were to fall off the cliff, I would tell God when I see him that I have no regrets.

II. Therapist : You were in such a state of confusion I wasn’t sure I have ever seen anybody more unravelled than you did in that instant. I thought I could be your final resting point; the place where you lay your bones and mark your grave. And I believed that when you looked past my eyes into my fears and said the words which struck a chord where strings were long removed.

III. Train wreck : The day I had my first complete collapse over a boy. In my mind I pled to you to hear my cries of help, somehow deluding myself you could hear me and swoop in to save me then say it was all a big prank. You were to me much like how a safety island seems to a ship of perils, as if within reach but so out of my league.

IV. Walking Travesty : The moment somebody walking by looked to see my face, I knew my facade was instantaneously shattered into what could only be described as how Titianic sank — slowly bit by bit, before everything fell apart and got pulled down. I am an imitation and regardless of how artistically well put together I am, I can never quite restore how my eyes and smile quite looked before you came along.

– a.h.


” Give me therapy, I’m a walking travesty but I’m smiling at everything. Therapy, you were never a friend to me. ” – Therapy, All Time Low


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