|| Noun ||

“When I grow up I want to be just like you.” A top-notch doctor, an aspiring writer, a voracious adventurer. We all grew up with the constant pursue of money; power; or even love — for reasons not necessarily stemming from greed. Even when we lay our bones to sleep on a creaking hospital bed with the last gasp out of our trembling lips, we make sure to leave something for others to remember us by. Until then, we will lie through our pearly white teeths and wreck all our beliefs with a single last sentence: “My life had been a fulfilling one, and therefore my death shall be a peaceful slumber.”

Do you not see? Peace is not doing as much as you can then at the end of the day take comfort in knowing that you will be remembered dearly. Peace is despite having a mundane, boring existence and leaving no pieces behind to be held to heart yet still close your eyes with only your soul for company and say, “I have made peace with the living, and therefore the dead comes with no strings attached.”

– a.h.


” Is wanting to be normal a bad thing? ” – 10.09.2015

No it isn’t — if being normal is what you truly wish to be.


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