Time Fixes (Not)

The sun still rise in perfect light;

The moon in total darkness

The earth around its axis

And the constellations blanket the night

My world may function properly

But I myself will not

My entity in half and pieces of entirety

Therefore a missing link I must be

Perhaps I was but a part before

I just never knew

She entered and left by the front door

Now teach a beleaguered mind how to do so too

– a.h.


Time waits for no one, you didn’t too.

” 回去的路有些黑暗,担心让你一个人走。我想是因为我不够温柔,不能分担你的忧愁。如果这样说不出口,就把遗憾放在心中。”  – 《把悲伤留给自己》,陳昇

” The road home is a little dark, I’m worried about letting you walk alone. Maybe I wasn’t gentle enough, unable to share your troubles. If you can’t say it out, just keep those regrets in mind. ” – Leave My Sorrows To Myself, Bobby Chen


3 thoughts on “Time Fixes (Not)

  1. This is such an amazing post. I really love your blog so much and in turn cannot stop reading all of your posts! Please don’t stop writing!

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