Kisses And Misses

Run your fingers down my skin and rosy cheeks, to my waist and hug it close so that we cannot breathe. Rub the honey silk strands of my hair in between your thumb and forefinger; twirl them around and around till our eyes can see nothing but that. Then kiss me slowly, gently, as though we are dancing the slowest slow dance on earth with only the whispering winds as our music.

It must have made quite an impression for me to recreate such details onto empty sheets with black swirling inks, but these words cannot recreate the masterpiece you have created out of touches and light-filled voices. I’ll take you over a pen and paper every time because trust me darling, even your most mundane kisses are far better than the best poetry I can ever write.

– a.h.


Sort of like old, aged wine — fine and smooth and exquisite.

” I’m all for words, but trust me, kisses are better than poetry. ” – 12 things I learned while being 18, Camila Cabello


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