Lost Souls

All us empty shells
We search with hope for shore
Wandering around looking
Not knowing what we’ve lost

At the end of it all
We’re walking on the same spot
Pushing forward with might
But letting ourselves fall short

Worn designers and labels
All the others scorned
Words filled with contempt
And hate that burned us all

Every day a race to win
We crave for rest and sleep
Flipping through worn yellow pages
Thinking when’s the next quiz

Knowledge comes so easily
To those with silver spoons
Yet never used by most
For others without a roof

Born expecting nothing
Once a naive child
Grew up wanting everything
Now we’re corrupted, craving selfs

Pushing away those
Who hold you close and dear
Yet always chasing after
The ones who left you tears

Why we live a life
With our eyes a constant mist
The answer is something
People struggle to give

Repeating the same old cycle
Why don’t we really see?
That we live our lives in circles
Centered to make people pleased

We’re alive and living
Just not the way we want
We are wide awake
Just not our heart and soul

When the time comes for us
To close our eyes and sleep
We leave behind nothing
Valuable for others to keep

The life we grew accustomed to
Is the one we try hard to leave
Often scratching the surface
The inside too deep to see

– a.h.

Throwback to one of the first few poems I wrote a few years back. Look how far I have come! 🙂

” Look closely, because the closer you get, the less you will actually see. ” – Now You See Me


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