I Dream A Little Dream

I dream a little dream

Of a solace where there’s no violence

No wrecking no blood

A little peace of home

I dream a little dream

Of people who wave their flags in dignity

Then talk of peace and equality

In tones and waves of calamity

I dream a little dream

Of a song sang on repeat like prayers to a higher being

They said “Chant together with me!

There is no need for worrying!

I dream a little dream

Except it’s not longer a little dream

It has rised from the depths of books

To the picturesque scenes of reality

We dreamt a little dream

Kept it drifting amidst waves of raucous altercations

Now we must teach the offspring of our green fingers

How to keep that budding shoot alive

– a.h.


We have come thus far, the only action to take is to teach future generations not to take what they will have for granted.

” I dreamed a dream in time gone by when hope was high and life worth living. I dreamed that love would never die; I dreamed that God would be forgiving. Then I was young and afraid and dreams were made and used and wasted. There was no ransom to be paid, no song unsung, no wine untasted. ” – I Dreamed A Dream, Les Misérables


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