Factory’s Robots

Press and fold
Like clothes on hold
Press and fold
Between iron into moulds

Press and fold
By society’s goal
Press and fold
Into shapes of gold

Press and fold
Some don’t get the cut
Press and fold
Some are thrown aside

Press and fold
We obey we are told
Press and fold
No minds of our own

Press and fold
We are clean inside out
Press and fold
No face no soul

– a.h.


We are robots to society’s goals — chasing after fame and gold. We were incalcated the meanings of “respect”, of “happiness”, of “role models” such that we were all drilled to become politically right answers.

[Capitalism]… is a great troll. It settles in a society, and then eats away silently. Eats more and more freedom, more humanity, more human rights, more ability to speak… ” – Ingeborg Refling Hagen, translated from her memoirs, volume III


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