The Goldfish & Its Coral

On certain days I dream of getting big on broadway and living stages as though I’ve never left the comfort of my home before waking up with the notion of brushing my teeth, changing my crumpled pajamas and heading off to the nearest community college. On certain days I dream of words and books on shelves in every bookstore across the continent before I wake and hold my pen, only to find myself deep in a textbook and practicing algebra for the next four long hours.

On certain days I lie on my bed covered up in layers of blankets, staring at the ceiling while wondering if my mind had been going down the wrong path all the while.

Fifteen years later I’m sitting in a dull white plastic chair with stacks of documents to sieve through on my white plastic office desk but my mind’s still stuck in a whirl. The dreams of acting and writing have not yet ceased and I realised it wasn’t my mind that was going down the wrong path; it was my entire life.

The world’s an ocean and I was contented to live in my tiny coral, within my tiny scope of the vast sea. When wherever you are living in can no longer find a place big enough to fit your aspirations and dreams, it’s time for you to get out of there and find one that can.

– a.h.


It’s hard but success don’t come knocking on your door without a little hard work. You have to start chasing after it and hope that one day, you finally catch it.

” If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs. ” – Dhirubhai Ambani


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