War Is Us

The war is here

Bloodbaths shed and justified lies

The screams of fumbling children

Chill the hearts of onlookers

The war is here

We sit in loud silence

As the butcher tick off lists

We are mere sheeps for slaughtering

The war is here

Fingers point outwards

Though we plot and scheme

Our deadliest weapons stay pointed inwards

The war is us

We are the roots of chaos

If peace is insufficient unification

Then we cannot be defeated

– a.h.


Peace was created by mankind, as was war. Together we unite and likewise, together we fall. 

” Why do people kill people? ” – 14.11.2015

* In light of the recent Paris attack, let us all pray for the safety of the innocents and the rest of the world. This is for the lives whom have bravely perished in the fight.


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