Common Grounds

You told him your favourite artist is Elton John and now his music playlist contains his whole album. Not because he likes his songs but because they remind him of you late at night when he has his earphones plugged in. You told him you like chocolates, 70% dark and now his pockets will never be empty of one. Not because he is fond of bitterness but because you can always have one every time you are blue. You told him about your fear of heights and everything that includes getting your feet off the ground, and now your hands will always find themselves in the tight embrace of his in glass elevators and rocky flights. Not because he fears them too but because he wants to let you know falling is okay, as long as he is there to catch you. You may wonder how someone like him could end up with someone like you, but it is never a matter of differences. Love is always about finding your favourites in his list of favourites and creating common ground although there wasn’t one to start with.

– a.h.


I could swear we didn’t have a single thing in common, but somehow that didn’t matter. 

 Together, we form a necessary paradox; not a senseless contradiction. ” – Criss Jami


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