|| Noun ||

If I ever say I love you

Look me in the eyes:

They always speak the most in volumes

Although the lips always warrant the most attention

If I ever say I love you

Do not seek comfort in my voice

It changes ever so slightly over the years

And someday you may not recognize its roots

If I ever say I love you

Speak not to me in words

They scare me whiteless with their fluidity

I fear your love may slip past as unsaliently too

If I ever said I love you

Hold me as a mother would to her unborn child

As mournfully and with as much grieve

Not for the one who announced that trap

But for the one who said it reverently back

As though I was a saint and he a sinner

Confessing his nightly sins to an already convicted man

– a.h.


“I understand Crawford paid you a visit?”


“And was he attentive?”

“Yes, very.”

“And has your heart changed towards him?”

“Yes. Several times. I have – I find that I – I find that-“

“Shh. Surely you and I are beyond speaking when words are clearly not enough…. I missed you.”

“And I you.”  

– Mansfield Park, Jane Austen

I have fallen absolutely head over heels in love with Jane Austen’s books. A brilliant woman with an equally ingenious eye for the finer details.


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