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My mother shared a story about the day she met my father in a beautiful white chapel and how cherry blossoms were drifting down whimsically; it was a scene straight out of a fairytale book. But fairytales are for the weak hearted — the real world is for romantists turned realists. Wedding vows are nothing but decorations and lately “for better or for worse” doesn’t seem to make the cut for the happy couple standing in that white chapel decades ago. 20 years in the making and it’s no longer sleeping in the same bed and “how was your day” talks. It is the daily struggle of cordiality and finding new excuses to not sit through family dinners at all just so you can call up your best mates and share a couple of drinks until 2 am in the morning before stumbling into a cold, empty bed meant for two.

So forgive me when I take off running the second I see a present and a future that looks so much like theirs. Forgive me when I say I’m scared of butterflies and fluttery feelings because they seemed exactly like how my parents used to be before everything got in their way of loving each other. Give me a reason to jump head first for you because looking from a distance looks a lot more appealing than forgetting why I had wanted to spend my every waking moment with you.

My mother shared a story about the day she met my father and in a flash, I’m watching the story unfold through my own eyes. White chapels get destroyed eventually and despite the grace that those cherry blossoms held as they fell, the only ending they get when they strike the ground is be trampled on. Fairytales never occur out of the pages of a book anyway.

– a.h.


Princesses may have lived their whole life in fancy parties and dreamy princes, but what about those who falls out of the pages of the fairytale book? 

They go straight from riches to rags.

 It’s often said that, no matter the truth, people see what they want to see. Some people might take a step back and find out they were looking at the same big picture all along. Some people might see that their lies have almost caught up to them. Some people may see what was there all along. And then there are those other people. The ones that run as far as they can so they don’t have to look at themselves. ” – Gossip Girl


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