Ça va?

|| Adverb ||

An avalanche of sleepless nights

An avenue of 3am city lights

I lie in bed pondering of things that only poets write

Like whether you are doing alright

– a.h.


I wrote a piece a long, long time ago with the same title. A year later, I’m still asking the same question: how are you?

I hope you are doing alright.

” I reached for the phone and dialed his number. I listened to it ring. It rang on and on. I imagined the phone crying out in his empty room. I didn’t count the rings, but it felt like hundreds. Could Mr. Tate hear them echoing through his house? Was I torturing him? Making him scream in frustration, pressing his hands to his ears to block out the noise? If he wanted to make the ringing stop, all he had to do was pick up. Maybe he had unplugged Jonah’s phone. Maybe he couldn’t hear the ringing at all. ” – How To Say Goodbye In Robot, Natalie Standiford


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