|| Exclamation ||

There was a boy across the street

When I was just 5 summers old

All I knew was that he had eyes the colour of my blanky

And a smile which placed my heart on hold.

He was a mixture of cookie dough

With a dash of all things that tasted like lollipops

But our goodbyes always sounded like a very long time

Although I knew he would reappear wherever I chose to stop.

It was my naive mind’s mistake

To think that goodbye was a promise mutually avowed

When it was really just something he hoped would stay true

As long as he spoke it out aloud

If you ask me to choose

Though more than a dozen summers have passed

I will say I hope to meet him

Somewhere in a coffeeshop like two lost child finally amassed

Because I still believe that farewells are unspoken promises

And things spoken out loud will last.

That although goodbye always sound like a very long time —

He is not destined to stay in my past

– a.h.


We use them so thoughtlessly and apathetically. 

Some goodbyes still last long after they are said when we excruciatingly replay them brokenly in our heads, and we are gullible to think that every single one of them holds the promise of a second encounter in the future.

” What I want is for the two of us to meet somewhere by chance one day, like, passing on the street, or getting on the same bus. ” – IQ84, Haruki Murakami


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