Let It Rain Grey

The grey clouds gather

They rain on my parade

First in gay and then in sadness

Oh! Why break my soul slow?

Kill me quick with grievances —

Shock me quick with lightning

Torture me not with poison —

My body can bear no battlements

My dear, dear friend

To whom I care so dearly

The grey clouds loom by the second

Do I take shelter or do I let it rain freely?

The world screamed black and white

I looked up and in a flash it rained;

It rained down grey in colour.

I run across the blurry lines I marked

But I no longer see shelter

So I said:

Let it rain grey on my parade



I see you sitting down and I see her sitting down, I turned and feigned oblivion. And in that instant you spot my turning figure — your eyes went wild with panic. Perhaps you see what I see or perhaps you feel guilty. I warrant no right to do so but I hope it’s the latter. 

” As though the world have sucked up what I am left with and refused to give it back, I’m tired. Those grey areas, they hit you like a damn truck at the most unexpected moments, don’t they? Maybe I’m doing it all wrong — I’m a ticking paradox waiting to explode. ” – 27.01.2016


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