|| Noun ||

We are everywhere in corners

Within wounds and clumsy repairs

We blend into backgrounds of parties and funerals

And just sit there and stare

We learn your darkest secrets

Then we print copies and share

We can see the things you try to hide

With smiling facades and stony stares

We appear in places you cannot expect

In dreams and worst nightmares

We are anonymous don’t worry

But we are always there

– a.h.


A writer is one whom is cynical, paradoxically a romantic and a realist, and above all else one that uses her bleeding wounds to stain paper in hopes of others hearing her cries. And in the face of pain and struggles, every single one of us becomes a writer — regardless of whether one is willing or not willing to be.

” Since I was trying so hard to make books lead my life, I didn’t want to read them and then just put them back on the shelf and say, “good book,” as if I was patting a good dog. I wanted books to change me, and I wanted to write books that would change others. ” – Hole in My Life, Jack Gantos

We are the sum of our experiences and the books we read. And on behalf of all writers, we hope that where we don’t spell it out explicitly, our words will still bring forth our advices to you. To bring warmth and love; to let you know that even the hardest pain is no impossible obstacle for you to overcome.


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