|| Noun ||

Her vision is a whirl of faces

As she stands unmoving on the pavement

She stares across and sees nothing.

She wonders if the swirls of colours are mere figments

We hurry by with sluggish movements –

Where are we rushing to?

We are many and all around

But in her mind the world, and self stands as two.

Perhaps she is feeling the heaviness

Of the absence of gravity

She fails and the rest of earth floats

The balance she holds grows faulty

She is tired of the order

That enshrines in the root of we

She just wants the world to slow down;

She just wants the world to pause and see:

We are screaming noises

We drain her energy

She wants to lie down and let the earth float –

Pray let us be quiet for just a little bit.

– a.h.


Sometimes I sit with a book unfurled on my lap in the library and my focus doesn’t lie on the words but rather, on absorbing the quietness around me. With my eyes closed, it’s almost as though the people outside of those four walls don’t exist in my minute existence. 

” I’m just tired; I just want the world to be quiet for a bit. ” – Matthew Healy


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