|| Noun ||

Constantly drifting constantly floating

From one room to another I go

They told me to build a home wherever I am

But my damned soul kept running –

No matter autumn or warm

Or winter or cold –

And I keep up my pace

Although I have nowhere else to go

– a.h.


If you meet one of them, please don’t blame them when they have to go. They are simply not yours to keep. 

” Cause I’m just one of those ghosts travellin’ endlessly, don’t need no roads — in fact they follow me and we just go in circles. And now I’m told that this is life, that pain is just a simple compromise so we can get what we want out of it. Would someone care to classify? Our broken hearts and twisted minds, so I can find someone to rely on and run to them, to them full speed ahead. ” – Misguided Ghosts, Paramore

Run full speed ahead to, or away from them?


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