Paradox II

On a certain uneventful Wednesday

A friend received a call:

Her dear old grandpa lost to the heavens

Left his three angels behind in dust

I could offer no comfort

Except for words of assurance I found befitting

That I stand unwavering by her;

As their listener and support.

And on a certain uneventful Wednesday

I met the same fate

And she too, offered seemingly comforting

Empty holes of promises.

But my head still ached;

My mind still ran

And her intentions heard

But never felt.

Though there is always death with life,

It strikes like lightning — so sudden and harsh

That bystanders can only watch with hands stretched

Doing nothing than cheering us on.

– a.h.


I ache for you and your family for the loss of your loved one. ” Are you okay? ” seemed a bit redundant, so I could only hope to provide my condolences by offering my services to share your burdens. I’m sorry I could help in no other areas than that.

” He always thought that Touie’s long illness would somehow prepare him for her death. He always imagined that grief and guilt, if they followed, would be more clear-edged, more defined, more finite. Instead they seem like weather, like clouds constantly re-forming into new shapes, blown by nameless, unidentifiable winds. ” – Arthur & George, Julian Barnes

I pray for them peace in knowing that their grandpa has gone to a better place, and some strength to tide over this period of grief.


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