|| Noun ||

And from them on

You are neither body nor face nor shape

You are a pair of eyes

Haunting me of things I should have said

And from then on

Everybody I meet is neither body nor face nor shape

They are all a pair of eyes

Taunting me of things I left behind

– a.h.


Sometimes you see not the person your affections lie with, but the things you associate them with. Like the smell of their cologne or the lift of their smile or the colour of their eyes. These obsessions will follow you everywhere you go and drive you to the brink of madness, until you decide enough is enough and you want out. Perhaps the mind knows what the heart doesn’t and is merely doing the latter a favour. 

” Because I believe that after all this suffering something will bloom from my pain so greatly that I would wish I had more at the time. ” – A.A.Roses

To read more of his writings: http://the-epiphany-in-roses.tumblr.com


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