The Phantom

And like how Christine Daaé cried out:

How can you talk like that? When I sing only for you? “

You could see none of mine’s demise

Only blinded by your views.

My angel of music, I act on your cues

But your directions seem only to terrify:

Perhaps I should have exeunt at hello,

Instead of at goodbye.

– a.h.


The Phantom of the Opera had his errs, but he ultimately tried redeeming himself by letting go of the one and only woman he had ever loved to another man. And that’s why it was a tragedy: that the only woman he had ever desired for and taught to sing feared him for his ways and could not requite with anything other than a manifestation of fear and compliance. 

” “Are people so unhappy when they love? ” “Yes, Christine, when they love and are not sure of being loved.” ” – The Phantom of the Opera, Gaston Leroux

Leroux pointed out that although love exists in different forms — sometimes terrifyingly violent and possessive much like the phantom’s — it’s fundamental nature is pure and raw and even the most horrifying character, can make ultimatum sacrifices so against his own behaviors. And that’s the beauty of it: love triumphs all.


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