Lightning Love

Sometimes my heart has ears

It strains for some sound of your voice,

Then sends it’s little blood cells running

With Cupid wings and Apollo’s bow.

Oh, such ardent love robs my brain so!

– a.h.


The Cupids of Love shoots with no eyes and aims with no sight — no wonder they say Love is blind. 

Even the great, famous, Jane Austen seems to preach in Sense and Sensibility to choose sense and always choose prudence in matters of the heart for nothing good rises from wildly unpredictable passions.

” You would think Love seeks a moderation between passion and sense! But it seems as though you would like to tell me otherwise. ” – 25.02.2016

To my dear readers, I pray you find some sense of moderation between the scales, something I struggle to find and attain still. For like Shakespeare said, “Love moderately. Long love doth so. Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow. “


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