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Love yourself more than you love mine’s own broken heart;

Lovers only fall once for such transient natures.

Swear not on oath nor vows,

But shower your gifts in abundant gestures.

When you cherish in body and soul

And I see your nature no longer yields,

In your same cupid-shot character,

Shall mine heart then fall once in the field and never recover.

– a.h.


This theory that people only fall for the same person once is what makes us cling to those who have already left us far behind. We refuse to believe in the inconstant natures of our lovers, simply because we thought everyone will be equally steadfast in relationships. 

When someone leaves, believe them. Shut the door and walk away. Their hearts are already lost to the winds and no matter how much you reach out to grab them back, your fingers will always miss by that little, small inch.

” Do I care if I despise this? Nothing else matters, I know. In a veil of great disguises; how do I live with your ghost? Should I tear my eyes out now? Everything I see returns to you somehow. Should I tear my heart out now? Everything I feel returns to you somehow. ” – The Only Thing, Sufjan Stevens


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