|| Noun ||

Whenever someone asks me who I wish to love, above all else I’ll say, “I wish to love myself.”

Then second and thirdly and forthly and so on, I’ll list the people I’ve grown to love; the animals I see on the streets, the clouds that float above my head. I’ll ramble on about the old lady who pushed her trolley full of cardboard when the sun rises and after that when the sun sets. I’ll ramble on about the cat I petted on my way home to which I rubbed it’s belly and fed it’s growling tummy.

I fall in love everyday with the things I touch and the things that touch me which all nudged their way to find a small place in my heart. And although I say I wish to love myself, the unspoken promise was that so I can learn to love every other being on earth as well.

– a.h.


Friends are your friends when they take no nonsense from you on your bad days, go wild with you on your good days, supply you the space you need while simultaneously letting you know you have them by your side on your sad days. Thank you my friends, for letting me grow as myself without limiting me and at the same time, allow room for me to love you as well.

” No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow. ” – Alice Walker


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