|| Adjective ||

You loved her so, from the tips of her eyelashes to the lines tracing her palms. Oh, you did loved her so for teaching your heart how to beat in sync with hers; for being cut by the edges of the pieces jutting out of your body; for melting these pieces and molding them into a brand new masterpiece with her delicate fingers. But what did she get in return for bleeding in your place?

You loved her so. But in that instant when her back became just a fragment of your memories, she rendered every little thing you did, every sweet-tasting word you ever said useless. All you received in return was nothing but cold, hard regret and yet, you can only watch her leave your arms for some other man and stand casted behind — wondering whether it was something you did wrong or it was just never meant to be.

– a.h.


Sometimes Love just refuse to give you a straight answer back. Or you may even know the reasons for the failure of your relationships, but you hold fast to your delusional thoughts because nobody told you that you already knew why. “All is fair in love affairs” wasn’t made up by some guy who successfully stole some other guy’s girl (to put it more crudely), but was created by those whose partners walked away and comforted themselves by justifying their failures. 

It was insufficient. You were insufficient. But somewhere along the way, you will meet another whose insufficiency will allow room for yours. 

” But if your boyfriend, out of nowhere and with no advance warning whatsoever, dumps you for no apparent reason, is it really about you? Or is it all him? ” – Take Me There, Susane Colasanti


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