Paper Boy

There was once a paper girl with her paper boy, living on the outskirts of their paper town. They lived between printed, rigid words and played between the edges of life-threatening chapters.

But that was before the fire begun.

It consumed the houses. Burned down titles. Tore down alphabet by alphabet. Ate up the little paper children. Along perished the dear paper boy with the cherished paper town. The poor paper girl was left all alone in her empty piece of paper.

So she began building another paper town. Stacked straight, printed, rigid little black words to form paper houses. Planted little black paper flowers and trees. Construct little paper walls with their little paper chapters. Brought in little paper kids with their little paper animals. But no paper boy ever existed again.

When the paper kids asked the paper girl, “Why won’t you have another paper boy in our paper town?” She replied, “I played with fire; it burned down my paper town. And though I would love to have another paper boy around, they are too hard to keep.”

– a.h.


Paper boy paper boy, he weaved through the tiniest cracks. Came to a little ghost town, met a little paper girl. Whatever happened, nobody knows. They only existed, in myths and historic dreams. Paper town paper town, don’t burn your houses down. We are still waiting… for our paper couple to show up. They’ll build a village and plant some trees. Just wait and see, someday our kind of paper town will exist.

” The town was paper, but the memories were not. ” – Paper Towns, John Green


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