9 Years Old

Once I was 9 years old, I came back home, My daddy kissed my mama goodnight and I waited an hour for the tooth fairy before falling asleep. Once I was 11 years old, My mama told me Find yourself a man who loves you As you to him. Once I was 15 years old,… Continue reading 9 Years Old



|| Noun ||  _______________________________________________________ It has been a stressful start to my senior high life in school --- things haven't worked out well at all. Just when you think things wouldn't get any worse, it just spirals downwards like quicksand trying to pull you in. I'm exhausted.  "  They say to try your best, but what… Continue reading Thoughts


|| Noun || Life is but a rose That blooms in shades of bold Some unfurls and become mess of thorns Others grow to be golds; Leaving behind only legacies to behold - a.h. ________________________________________________________ Face your troubles courageously. If you fail, at least you will know it cannot be solved and allow your mind… Continue reading Roses