9 Years Old

Once I was 9 years old,

I came back home,

My daddy kissed my mama goodnight and

I waited an hour for the tooth fairy before falling asleep.

Once I was 11 years old,

My mama told me

Find yourself a man who loves you

As you to him.

Once I was 15 years old,

The house was full of ghosts,

Life grew cold;

I learnt a couple of rules to follow.

Soon I’ll be 30 years old,

Living on screens and paperwork

Working and chasing numbers,

The cycle goes on.

Soon I’ll be 80 years old,

Wondering when my dreams were left behind,

With growing figures in the bank

And nowhere to call home.

Once I was 9 years old,

My daddy told me to

Find a man who brings the bacon home

And you’ll never end up alone.

Once I was 9 years old,

I married the boy with the missing tooth,

Exchanged a sugar sweet for a ring

Then snatched the one I gave to him.

Once I was 9 years old,

My future seemed gold,

The world standing on hold,

With my hands outstretched and eyes on blindfold.

But soon I’ll be 9 years old again,

Wait for me with your doors open;

I’m coming home.

– a.h.


Do it now, why wait? Soon you’ll be drawing your last breath and the only things you can take to your grave will be the ones that ever matters the most.

” Soon I’ll be sixty years old, will I think the world is cold or will I have a lot of children who can warm me?  ” – 7 Years, Luke Graham


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