|| Verb || There once lived a boy who broke my heart; free-spirited and wild but grounded by his roots  --- he was everything a girl wanted. To the friends who wanted to hear what I had to say about him: Sadness is no longer in my book and I do not care for a… Continue reading Reminiscing


Happy Birthday

 __________________________ Every year I make the same wish before the clock ticks down to 12am --- candles or not --- I wish to smile and continue smiling regardless of what may come. " Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you..." - 19.07.2010


|| Noun || I keep dancing with the devil Losing my sums and gaining blight; Though nearing my dear friend Madness, I do not fight. I go in with my arms open, I'm going in with my own dim light. - a.h. ________________________________________________________ Lose yourself, it's perfectly alright. However dim it is, that inner shine… Continue reading Inside


|| Noun || ________________________________________________________ We can always look like were going forward, but actually we're merely returning to where we once started. That's how it felt like with you.  " Round and round, like a horse on a carousel we go. Will I catch up to love? I could never tell, I know. Chasing after you is like a… Continue reading Carousel