“Do We Have To Write A Paper?”

Come forward.

Come on. Don’t be shy.

I don’t bite.

“Do I have to write a paper on it?”

you may ask.

No, I said.

Feel. All I ask is for you to feel.

Touch my edges. Do I feel

Look at my surfaces. Do I feel

like the ocean on a stormy night?

Place your ears next to mine. Do I feel

like screams echoing within Tartarus?

Write? That’s my job.

Don’t worry about that.

– a.h.


Abstract art, that’s what writings are like. People who don’t understand them fear them, avoid them, stare at them as though they are fossils dug from the last century and it is the first time they have encountered it. Why?

Don’t fear it, but instead embrace it. Tear it apart gently like how you would peel apart a carefully wrapped present on your birthday. Feel it and lose your mind in it — only then can you become a part of the writing and a piece of the author’s mind. The beauty of writing is not the message behind it, but the ability to make readers transcend time and space and relive those moments through tiny, little printed black ink.

” Do me a favor. Do yourselves a favor. Stop talking, and look. You’re not required to write a paper. You’re not even required to like it. You are required to consider it. ” – Mona Lisa Smile


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