|| Noun ||

something’s brewing under my skin

blue and black and red and nasty

i touch a little foundation here and there

it works like magic;

the grainy powder that seeps through cracks

away from eyes that touch and go;

some use to beautify while

this but a coverup for the mistakes

I scratch on my limbs —

cracks that seem small on the four walls of this showhouse

which widens

and widens

and widens

till finally my walls crack and those tiny powder

no longer prove sufficient for a coverup

– a.h.


That powder may appear in different forms: a smile, a laugh, an impassive face, glittery jewelries. Though I myself know the truth of some and look deep into their eyes while we converse, I cannot spot any trace of lingering grievances. The human mask is a powerful force indeed. How many of these masks will crack eventually?

” My dad used to say makeup was a shallow girl’s sport, but it’s not. It’s armor. ” – All the Rage, Courtney Summers


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