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There was a time when you worked hard for the sake of realising your dreams, where every pen bought was a penny for a cause and every time spent was a second nearer to the final peak of success. So you close yourself up in clusters of workload and lock yourself up believing success comes with the reward of being free.

You work and you work and suddenly you find yourself working for the boss you aspired to be and for the driving force that fueled your desire to push forward when you were young. Although you know your past self would have looked at you now and applauded you for your achievements, you will never feel that same bountiful joy that kid had felt. Something was different no matter how you looked at your idealised dream, something’s not quite right.

That will be the moment you look to the sacrifices you made, chasing an idea that turned out to be not so ideal. All because you lose your friendships for the sake of work and no longer remember the feeling of sleeping in on a Sunday morning with a book in your hands and fluffy pillows around you.

That ideal became nothing less than a scene on which you built your hopes on, before you realised you work and work and work …

and never stopped working.

– a.h. ________________________________________________________

I’m not trying to discourage the concept of working hard, success do only happen for those who want it. What I wish to let you see is the importance of realism and how success can never be what you truly pictured it to be. It’s a package deal — you reap the benefits but suffer the consequences too. 

” If people knew how hard I had to work to gain my mastery, it would not seem so wonderful at all. ” – Michelangelo Buonarroti


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