A Run To Remember

One and two. And one and two. And one and two.

It’s the sound of a man

Whom lies on his death cold bed

Struggling to draw his breath

One and two. And one and two. And one and two.

A couple stands focused

With soft blues playing in the background

Their dance steps fading into dusk

One and two. And one and two. And one and two.

My own footsteps banging against the concrete floor

And I run and I run, across the block

To where a man once told me

My sunday coffees and morning escapades are.

And I run and we run and they run

To where our dreams lie in broken breaths and twisted necks,

In casted nets containing our stowed lacks,

We know not why we run nor what we run from,

But we do so anyway.

– a.h.


As I stopped to take a breather from my running, a lone tune floats through the air. I looked up and it was a young girl playing ‘twinkle twinkle little stars’ on her clarinet. Although that song was a childhood lullaby of mine and was supposed to sound peaceful, I thought it sounded hauntingly lonely on the girl’s clarinet. 

What do we work so hard for? A leader says for the country, a motivator says for ourselves. An optimist says for our future and a pessimist says to pass time. We often say we cannot look back at the past because the future holds happier times, but do we really know that?

” There’s only one thing on my mind. ” – 30.05.2016


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