Dead Ends

Certain words I can no longer touch

Specific places I can no longer see

Common friends I can no longer reach

Particular songs I can no longer hear

Like farewells at airports to friends I may never again meet

Like expiry dates that tells me my books are due

Like hot tea I’ve set aside too long and ran cold

Like throwing away a favourite pair of worn-out shoes

A maze of dreams I cannot reach

Trapped in this lybrinth where dead ends sit

Regardless where my feet may lead

I’m always back like an immoral hypocrite

– a.h.


Bring sad is like being trapped in this seemingly endless lybrinth, you try your hardest to get out but the dead ends are everywhere. So you try to reverse and find another way out and when you get blocked, you reverse and try again. Yet try as you might, you find out you’re always back to that same spot that you find the most familiar — although that spot is the most painful and aching part of the whole lybrinth. You almost always end up at the same place despite telling yourself you never will. 

” You’re holding a normal conversation with your friends about the weather and suddenly pang, you feel a certain kind of nostalgia because a word popped up that reminded you of him. In the next moment, the memories start dripping back like a leaky tap and you’re trying to distract yourself by saying it’s fine, you’re fine, everything’s fine. In actual fact, nothing’s fine. You may act like it’s over and believe it’s over but the heart never stops feeling. That’s the downside of falling for somebody: the aftermath of touching the ground and find out nobody even bothered trying to catch you. ” – 08.06.2016


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