what makes an art, Art

She is art. You may think I’m another one of those romantics trying to draw up cliches by telling you a living, breathing human is equivalent to a piece of painting. I’m not and here’s why:

I. Like a piece of Van Gogh’s The Starry Night, everybody wants her because she’s the epitome of beauty. With swirling, impasto brushstrokes that remind them of a night at the beach; she is loved because others thought her pretty and she made them feel like they are home.

II. She defied laws and common sense and every damn thing that was said with the intention of ruining her reputation because she is Magritte’s personal muse. Straight out of The Human Condition, they may stare at her and believe in what they see but they merely look through her. She’s neither here nor there, as though she’s in a whole new dimension of her own with no spacial logic whatsoever. She is loved because others thought her mystifying and surreal and perhaps, just a little out of their league.

III. Despite all the vocabulary everybody can throw out to describe her, you can never hear anyone say why they loved her. Why is she mystifying? Why is she beautiful? Why does she feel like home? What makes her… well… her?

She’s been gaped at, complimented for being so aesthetically pleasing to look at, hailed for the kindness she so generously bestow upon everybody else before people move on to the next piece of “oh so wonderfully” constructed piece of work. That’s why I call her art. Not because she has a shapely body and she’s nice to look at and she has all the qualities of a lover.

But because like art, nobody really understands her.



We usually think of art as pretty, but art was not meant for aesthetic purposes. How pleasing an artwork looks is more often than not, secondary to the elements which makes up one. That’s the ugly truth of the people that others refer to as “art pieces”, they are never understood and never appreciated other than for what the eyes can glimpse.

” Eleanor was right. She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something. ” – Eleanor & Park, Rainbow Rowell

*Check out Rene Magritte’s pieces — stunning, ingenious and confusing all at once.


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