|| Noun ||

Someday the light will shine

On all that I try to hide

Like shoving the bits under my bed

Waiting for it to ring a bell

On other days I’ll be on them

Wondering when they’ll come back to haunt me

Like literal skeletons in my closet

Waiting for me to admit

But most of the days I lie like an addict

Swallowing these memories for a temporary self-high

Like druggies that have gone too far

Waiting for something else to feed or feed on for my wandering

Unfocused soul

– a.h.


We never erase the things that hurt; only shoving them into a corner where we can’t see. 

Just because we can’t see those problems doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

” I woke up today after I dreamt of you, remembering I had a blissful smile on my face before I wiped it off like it was the last thing I’ll ever have on the face of earth. In my head I screamed “unfair, unfair, unfair” as though all that internal chanting can miraculously salvage our friendship. And I was thinking if people were temporary things, then you were the rainbow after a storm and I was the measly drizzle before a torrential rain. ” – 14.06.2016


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