The Hotel Room

And here’s how it goes:

Leave the baggages you lifted through 17 years of your life behind in the room

Leave the smelly socks and dirty laundry in the rubbish chute

Leave the strings that puppet you around your stage broken and unattached

Leave the honeyed candies others fed you all day long under the bed

Leave the draggy footsteps and haunchbacked punching bag on the bedside table

Then leave the room, lock it, and slide the keys through the little hole under the door

And here’s what you should be doing at this moment at this very time:

You live. The way you want and the only way you ever know how to live.

– a.h. 


All year long I’ve been hearing what people want me to do and what people want me to say, but people ain’t me. As the new year sets in with its 365 days lining up to join me, I say it’s time to grab your life like it’s yours to own.

” In youth, it was a way I had, / To do my best to please. / And change, with every passing lad / To suit his theories. / But now I know the things I know / And do the things I do, / And if you do not like me so, / To hell, my love, with you. ” – The Complete Poems of Dorothy Parker, Dorothy Parker


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