Between The Lines

And then the goodnights gave way to (just) nights which gave way to goodbyes which lastly gave way to (just)

teasing (short) byes.

As though we learned (and couldn’t stand) the art of writing another word to reply another one of our (draggy) texts.

As though days (didn’t) merely gone past and continued to weeks of (silence with no sign of) calls from each other.

As though we couldn’t wait to (not) see each other again.

Now tell me when we mastered the techniques of (cutting) small talk and (losing) deep talks between the lines

Because life’s never felt like (so much) a bore when you are here to fill in my (useless) gaps.

Like collisions of lights that (momentarily) intertwined and never emitted a sound,

I felt like I floated right off the skies, (down a cliff) onto (painfully hard) solid ground.

– a.h.


One word is all it takes to rip you apart, like I (never) will love you and I (never) will miss you.

” Do you always feel obliged to do this?” I asked.

“Obliged to do what?”

“Obliged to treat everyone (including your other girls) nicely.” 

“Well. Yes.” – 27.10.2016


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