An Angel Without Wings

Spring came and so did he

There were trees and flowers

And an angel without wings

The Mockingjays started singing

And I thought it a mistake that he could

Accept so truly my misgivings

Winter came and the sound of birds left

There were grey and emptiness 

And the presence of biting cold

The silence is a sea of sharp knifes but I cannot seem to let go

I take too much comfort in the whispers

Of stories about an angel I could not keep hold

And as though the Mockingjays never stopped singing

I imagine myself looking at you and eventually realising

An angel without wings is merely just a fallen being

– a.h. 


Mockingjays : A fictional bird created through the accidental mating of jabberjays and female mockingbirds.  

I was duped: even the most innocent of them all can turn out to be nothing short of the devil.

” When angels go bad they are worse than anyone else. Remember Lucifer used to be an angel. ” – Neverwhere, Neil Gaiman


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