|| Noun ||

We say time can slip us by in grains of sand that trickles through our grasp 

Like masters of those little hands that tick in a marching beat 

An hour for the stomach and an hour for for the brain

So that we may have an hour for the soul to meditate 

We say time can be foolish little workers that refuse to take their rests

Like slaves to paper money that work only to see another day

To free yourself from others’ bid, you must do others’ bidding 

The rule of life as we see it; to watch and to do it 

We say time can be childish little kids that run as soon as we loosen our reins

Like oppression gone wrong that escalates to the falling of a kingdom so big

A slippery slope which we fear to explore what lies at the end of it 

As though we have broken free of our keeping what cannot be kept

We say time can be manipulated to serve our dreams

Like machines engineered to produce shining bags of monastery

When we control by shackling our limbs to horizons we cannot see 

Are we in control or are we controlled by something that does not exist?

– a.h. 


The dilemma of Time: to control or not to control? 

” Time is the measurer of all things, but is itself immeasurable, and the grand discloser of all things, but is itself undisclosed. ” – Lacon, Charles Caleb Colton


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