Heartbreak II

|| Noun ||

This second one’s too much like the first

Sets the blood racing and veils the mind in a chasm

Does one trust in nature or in oneself

Or perhaps a mere display of false dichotomy between the two?

He is cynical and he is kind 

He is ugly and he is night 

He is trite but he is fuel to one’s flite

O! How I wish to throw him into the void!

Look away while visualizing his staring 

Tell the gentle heart that risks falling victim to predators twice 

Times are hard and love always cheats twice 

Yet the times I catch myself laughing is always with the devil in shining white

– a.h.


Perhaps some are not destined to love and some are not destined to be loved. Despite this, I’m a strong believer of being able to control our own fate. Defying stars? I can defy the world if I care to.

” I always wonder how some people can make passion their everything. What about love? What about family? About growing old together? “

” If Love can be your everything, why can’t dreams be theirs? It only matters to one how much love takes in the heart. Perhaps dreams are what they live for, and without achieving those ambitions they may never be willing to give up their hold on this life. ” – 25.05.17 


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