A Spectrum End of Lovers

From which joy that a lover may provide

I only feel a distinct numbness in what makes me ardently love 

A desolate lack of passion that will me to do so vivaciously;

Yet a bad fall does not simply suffice to fill this convenient void 

For one needs to be loved, to love and to reciprocate what one has acquired 

To others who may suffer the same fall;

Despite status do you say?

Despite an absence of shallow superficial features that does the work of infatuation,

And despite this potential livewire living at the opposite end of the spectrum you argue?;

But perhaps we gamble on that pain that we may acquire at the end of the day

To tell us whoever is next in line may just be the swan we were so fixated to find

And like pairs of swans that flirts under the watchful gaze of another

We swim, float, occasionally stand 

Repeat in motion like a cycle 

Till we meet one that ignites, unconsciously, the things we lost more than once, a long time ago 

– a.h. 


Too fast too soon, I wonder if the time’s right. Yet we simply cannot stop the unexpected, we can only wait for it to play out right before our eyes and accept what’s to come, be it a bad fall or a rainbow after the storm. 

”  Will someone take a ride with me? Back to the world where we can see, echo strong, river deep, concrete hazy, won’t you take a ride with me? Take a ride with me. ” – Lifetimes, Oh Wonder


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