Monkey See Monkey Do

Look dad, look mum

I see a girl not too far from your mirrors

Steered in whichever direction the puppeteer please 

Face buried six feet deep

Hearing whispers with my delicate ears

Your daddy’s a sinner and mummy’s a fluke

So I learned to snitch and sabotage

To the kindergarten teacher on those rooks

Oh look, here comes the thief 

With her heavy flock of grief

A matchstick and a two and some burning passion

I watch their cars light up in showy rue

Look dad, look mum

Such actions breed rats by the number

And most times your vices they succeed

I guess the apple never falls far from the rotting tree 

– a.h. 


Sometimes the child turns out to be different, but oftentimes exact replicas. A little unfair is it not, if your parents aren’t exemplars?

” How can it be, after all this concentrated effort and separation, how can it be that I still resemble, so very closely, my own detestable mother? ” – Blood, Bones & Butter, Gabrielle Hamilton 


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