About a.h.

5 ft 3 inches. Brown hair. Black eyes. Elongated limbs. Elongated fingers.

Home : Anywhere. With a book beside her. 

Hobbies : Books. Piano. Books. Piano. Occasional travel. Food.

She identifies herself first as a reader before a writer; she reads to write before writing to read. Outside the pages of yellowed, musty pages,  you can find her between the black and white keys of a piano.

Some say she’s boring, some say she’s peculiar. Either way, she’s just a plain old teenager with some unfulfilled dreams.

Someday she would love to get her little snippets of scattered secrets published. So to all her readers taking time out to read her sub-standard writings, she thanks you very much. Your support really means a whole lot to her. x

For enquiries : Either leave a comment here, on Tumblr or check out ‘Miscellaneous’ on the menu beside. 📬


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