A Dream I Dreamed

And what is this heavy heart that weighs upon my chest That spars equivalent with the thoughts that burden my every waking dream I just want to take a glimpse into that elusive heart of yours To tell me of the future I envision ours to drink And what is this tell-tale signs I thought… Continue reading A Dream I Dreamed



|| Noun || In knots we tie our strings in vain Loop after loop, circles after circles To whom we present our gifts that decay  Smiles after smiles, tears after tears Shall we love to see another day  For a beloved whose head has never turned this way  Or shrug our shoulders and put a… Continue reading Eternity

The Battle Of Britain.

Wither away, my dear flowers in grief May the rain wash away that scent of yours that weeps under the watchful gaze of passerbys And though what once was the collective pain of an entire nation now trails away Trust me when I say that everybody remembers that day. || City of Westminster, London ||